A message from IBT General President James P. Hoffa

Electing a labor-friendly president

The November election

With only one month until Election Day, we must renew our commitment to electing a President who will help workers - not hurt them. A President who will find solutions to the health crisis - not ignore it. A President who will create good jobs in this country - not send them overseas. A President who will give workers a leg up - not a kick in the rear.

John Kerry and John Edwards both have proven records of support for the values of working men and women. The Bush White House, in contrast, has been the most prolific supporter of corporate interests in years. We deserve better. Our families deserve better. And Rail Labor deserves better.

Since you chose to merge with us last year, the power of Rail Labor has been building. I believe we have already made great strides to communicate with the White House and rail corporations that the Teamsters Rail Conference is committed to the needs of all rail employees. There are still many issues to work on including the upcoming rail negotiations this November and security crisis on the rails. These issues affect not only our rail members and their families but also the public who depend on the transport of goods and the commuter rails daily.

John Kerry - for working families

This election may be the most important ever for the labor movement. I urge each and every one of you to stand up for working families and dedicate your energy to electing public officials like John Kerry who will build our nation rather than destroy it. The future of all working families is at stake.


James P. Hoffa
Teamsters General President



© 2004 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen