Eastern Union Meeting Association, Grand Island, N.Y.

BLET members during the opening ceremony.

From left: BLET National President Don Hahs; Vice-President Merle Geiger Jr.; and Carl W. Fields, Legislative Representative of BLET Division 682 in Hammond, Ind., and Safety Task Force Primary Team Member.

From left: BLET National Division Staff Attorney Tom Brennan and retired General Chairman Charlie Klimek.

Clockwise, from bottom left: John Bove, Secretary-Treasurer of Division 269; Robert Willis, Committeeman, LIRR General Committee of Adjustment, Division 269; Gary Lockel, 1st Vice Chairman, GCA, Div 269; James Brown, Committeeman, GCA, Div 269; Scott Decker, Vice President, Div 269; Robert Evers, General Chairman, GCA, Div 269; Douglas Willox, President, Div 269; Michael Quinn, 2nd Vice Chairman, GCA, Div 269.

As part of the entertainment package, EUMA attendees enjoyed a tour of Niagara Falls on board the Maid of the Mist.

From left: John C. Rupp, Local Chairman of BLET Division 74 (Harrisburg-Enola, Pa.); and Bill Thompson, Second Vice-General Chairman, Norfolk Southern-Southern Lines.

From left: Among the BLET and GIA officers in attendance at the EUMA were GIA Guide DeLaine Morris; GIA 3rd Vice-President Sereena Hogan; GIA Treasurer Bettye Dollar; Vice-President Mabel Grotzinger; GIA President Onita Wayland; BLET President Don Hahs; National-Secretary-Treasurer Bill Walpert; Vice-President Merle Geiger; Vice-President Steve Speagle; and Vice-President Paul Wingo.



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