Eastern Union Meeting Association, Grand Island, N.Y.

Janet Louis, wife of EUMA Arrangements Chairman Jim Louis, gladly greets visitors at the registration table.

Mr. and Mrs. Gale Murphy. Brother Murphy is Local Chairman of BLET Division 255 in Steubenville, Ohio.

Carlos A. Lizarraga, Local Chairman of BLET Division 106 (Muncie, Ind.)

From left: Bob Chapter, Secretary-Treasurer of BLET Division 157 (Jersey City, N.J.); and Vinny Vaccarella, a trainman member of Division 157.

Teamsters International Vice-President John Murphy.

Kathy and Dino Raptis, an Amtrak engineer and a member of BLET Division 12 in Fort Wayne, Ind.

Greg Powell, Chairman of the BLET's Michigan State Legislative Board.

BLET National Vice-President Steve Speagle with his wife, Sue.

From left: Brother Ben Blissett,Division 31 (Roanoke, Va.), and Safety Task Force Primary Team Member; his wife, Dolly; and BLET National Secretary-Treasurer Bill Walpert.


GIA President Onita Wayland and her husband, Tony.




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