Iowa Democrats take a tough stand on remote control safety

The Iowa Democratic Party included a section of language opposing unregulated operation of remote control locomotives in its party platform, which was passed without issue at its convention on June 26. It was part of the Transportation/Infrastructure plank.

The delegates to the convention included the following phrase in the party platform: "We support banning remote control operations until FRA enacts comprehensive rules and regulations."

The effort to include remote control on the party's platform was spearheaded by BLET Division 125 (Clinton, Iowa) member Pat Johnson. Brother Johnson took the resolution from the county level all the way to the state level. It was passed without issue at each level. Brother Johnson served on committees at the various levels and helped to push the issue through.

"The platforms at each level are issues the Democrats stand for, and want their respective legislators to fight to enact," said Brother Johnson. "These are issues that we expect the Democratic candidates to campaign on during their bids to become elected officials."

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