BLE recognizes employee on 35th anniversary

BLE International President Don M. Hahs recognized Betty A. Child, who celebrated her 35th anniversary as an employee of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers on August 20

She is secretary and administrative assistant to the BLE's U.S. National Legislative Representative Raymond Holmes and has worked in the BLE's Washington, D.C., office since 1968.

In 1998, Sister Child became the first woman selected as an honorary member of the BLE by a unanimous vote of the Advisory Board.

"On behalf of the 59,000 men and woman of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, I thank Betty Child for her years of dedicated service and valuable contributions to our organization," President Hahs said.

"Congratulations to Betty on her anniversary," Vice-President Holmes said, "I thank her for her patience and persistence over the years."

She came to work for the BLE as a young widow with two small children in August 1968. She has served under the leadership of 10 International Presidents, beginning with then-Grand Chief Engineer Perry S. Heath.

In unanimously accepting her as an honorary member in 1998, the Advisory Board declared: "Betty's many years of dedication, knowledge of the BLE's history and overall contribution to the organization as a whole is incomparable. We only grant this membership to persons who have made an extremely valuable contribution to the cause of railroading in general, and/or to the cause of the craft of the locomotive engineer."

Betty Child, who in late August marked her 35th year as a BLE employee, with Raymond A. Holmes, BLE Vice-President & U.S. National Legislative Representative.


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