Eastern Union Meeting Association, Baltimore, Md.

Frank Battaglia, Legislative Representative of BLE Division 1 (Detroit), asks a question during the closed session.

Bruce Cushing and his daughter Katie. Brother Cushing is Local Chairman and Legislative Representative of BLE Division 112 (Greenfield, Mass.).

From left: John Rupp, Local Chairman of Division 74 (Harrisburg, Pa.), and Fred Cox, Chairman of the 2003 EUMA in Baltimore.

From left: GIA International President Onita Wayland and BLE General Secretary-Treasurer William C. Walpert.

EUMA Chairman Mark Kenny, who is also General Chairman of the BLE's Amtrak General Committee of Adjustment.

Teamsters General President Hoffa and BLE International Vice-President Paul T. Sorrow.


2004 EUMA

August 8-11, 2004

At the Holiday Inn-Grand Island.

Hosted by Jimmy & Janet Louis and the members of BLE Division 421.


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