Eastern Union Meeting Association, Baltimore, Md.

Representing Canadian BLE members at the 68th annual EUMA are, from left: Glenn Wightman, Division 91 (Montreal); and George Hucker, BLE International Vice-President & National Legislative Representative-Canada.

BLE International President Don M. Hahs, right, shakes hands with IBT General President James Hoffa.

From left: Mark Counsman, Local Chairman of Division 459 (Harrisburg, Pa.); Brian Simon, Local Chairman and Legislative Representative of Divison 226 (Newark, N.J.); Ed Rodzwicz, BLE International First Vice-President; Charles Otten; Division 46 (Albany, N.Y.); Richard Thomas, Division 867 (Waterbury, Conn.); and Corey Engel, Division 867.

From left: Carlos Lizarraga, Local Chairman of Division 106 (Muncie, Ind.); President Hahs; and Kevin Barker, Secretary-Treasurer of Division 106.

From left: IBT General President Hoffa visits the BLE Education & Training Department booth during the EUMA and meets with BLE Special Representative and Education & Training Department Coordinator Ken Kroeger.

From left:General Chairman Tommy Roberts (Conrail Shared Assets/CSX Northern District); Ron Pasquarella, Local Chairman and Legislative Representaive of Division 682 (Hammond, Ind.); and General Chairman Don Menefee (CSXT Northern Lines).

From left: Ray Wagner, Regional Coordinator for CSX Operation Redblock; Leon Stockwell, CSX Northern Region SENSE Coordinator; Larry James, CSX System Labor Liaison; and Tom Vassie, Northeast Regional SENSE Coordinator and Secretary-Treasurer of the Conrail Shared Assets/CSX Northern District General Committee of Adjustment. Wagner belongs to BLE Division 286 (Grand Rapids, Mich.), Stockwell belongs to Division 561 (Richmond, Va.), James belongs to Division 284 (Parkersburg-Grafton, WV.), and Vassie to Division 382 (Buffalo, N.Y.).


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