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Volume 17 - Number 9
September 2003

Meany Center offers hazmat workshops

BLE recognizes employee on 35th anniversary

CSX retaliates over RCO resolution

Retirement News: Acting for impaired beneficiaries

Retirement News: How to calculate dual benefits

Upcoming 2003 RRB Informational Conferences

News Briefs (U.S. rail lines targeted; CSX worker wins case; Study slams BNSF; Hurricane hits Eastern RRs; UP told to get safety on track)

Photo Recap: EUMA in Baltimore

Photo Recap; EUMA in Baltimore

BLE a hit at AFL-CIO Union Industries Trade Show

BLE Job Bank: Amtrak

Advisory Board July 2003 Activity

Calendar & Events


Amtrak unions threaten strike

More than 8,000 Amtrak union members, fed up with what they call inadequate government rail funding, threatened to walk off the job on Oct. 3 in a one-day strike.

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BLE-IBT Town Hall Meetings underway

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers is conducting a nationwide series of Town Hall Meetings to explain details of the proposed merger with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

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AFL-CIO state federations enact remote control safety resolutions

In the past three months, six state labor federations have adopted safety resolutions that call upon local, state and federal officials to examine remote control train operations to make sure the technology is implemented in the safest manner possible.

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36th community enacts remote control safety resolution

The number of local communities enacting remote control safety resolutions grew to 36 in August. Mankato, Minn., and Saginaw, Mich., joined the growing list of communities that are asking the Federal Railroad Administration to make sure that remote control locomotives are operated in the safest manner possible.

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