64th annual Eastern Union Meeting Association, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Long Island Rail Road General Chairman Bob Evers (background, at podium) checks his notes while CSXT-Northern Lines General Chairman Don Menefee, standing, passes out an agenda during the Eastern General Chairman's meeting.

From left: Paul Osciak and Don Hill, Vice-General Chairmen on SEPTA and members of BLE Division 71 (Philadelphia).

From left: James Lenahan, Local Chairman of Division 263 (Wilkes-Barre), Mike Green, a member of Division 263, and Ken Kertesz, EUMA Arrangements Chairman. On May 14, Brother Green sustained injuries when his train hit a washout and derailed on the banks of the Susquehanna River near Naticoke, Pa. The engine was buried deeply in mud and the cab became filled with a mixture of mud, river water and diesel fuel. Brother Green and his conductor were trapped in the locomotive for eight hours before rescue crews were able to free them.

From left: Onita Wayland, GIA President, Pat Murphy, GIA Alternate International Treasurer, and Brenda Hayes, GIA International Canadian Vice-President & Director, selling raffle tickets for a chance to win $500 in cash.

From left: Kelly Cassidy and Gerard DiCecco of BLE Division 269 (Jamaica, Long Island, N.Y.).

Division 263 honored three retired members during the banquet on August 21. The retirees are also participating in a steam locomotive engineer documentary produced by Doug Kirkpatrick, far right, of Streamliner Productions in New York City. From left, are Dorothy O'Brien, Bernie O'Brien, Catherine Dimmick, Bill Dimmick, Bill Billings and Doug Kirkpatrick.

From left: Bob Lacey, retired member of BLE Divison 3 (Cleveland), Dick Hill, and Bill Thompson, First Vice-Chairman of the Norfolk Southern (Southern Lines) GCofA.

Mabel Grotzinger, GIA International Vice-President, and Mike O'Bryan, Local Chairman of BLE Division 57.

BLE members enjoyed a "Night at the Races" at the Pocono Downs racetrack.



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