64th annual Eastern Union Meeting Association, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

EUMA Arrangements Ken Kertesz (at the podium) welcomes everyone to the 64th annual EUMA during opening ceremonies on August 19. Seated, from left, are International President Don Hahs, First Vice-President & Alternate President Ed Rodzwicz, General Secretary-Treasurer Bill Walpert, Vice-President & National Legislative Representative-Canada George Hucker, Vice-President Stephen Speagle, Vice-President & U.S. National Legislative Representative Raymond Holmes, and Vice-President Merle Geiger. Brother Kertesz, who is also Chairman of the Pennsylvania State Legislative Board, hosted the EUMA along with members of BLE Division 263 (Wilkes-Barre, Pa.). (Present but not pictured is Vice-President Rick Radek.)

Led by J. Kevin Nolty, members of the Cael Mor Pipe and Drum band from Wilkes-Barre played several selections during the opening ceremony, including a tribute to the victims and families of the September 11 tragedy. Standing in the background are members of the BLE Advisory Board and GIA Executive Committee.

Brother Tom Armstrong, Legislative Representative of BLE Division 793 (Saskatoon), makes an emotional presentation as part of his Crossing Safely program.

From left: Vice-President Merle Geiger and Wisconsin Central General Chairman Jeff Bochman. In the background is D.A. Bowen, Local Chairman of BLE Divison 332 (Montgomery, Ala.).

From left: Ray Wagner, Regional Coordinator for CSX Operation Redblock, and Leon Stockwell, Regional Coordinator for the BLE SENSE program on CSX. Wagner belongs to BLE Division 286 (Grand Rapids, Mich.) and Stockwell belongs to Division 561 (Richmond, Va.).

EUMA Arrangements Chairman Ken Kertesz with the original charter of Division 263 (Wilkes-Bare, Pa.). The charter, issued in 1884 by Grand Chief Enginer P.M. Arthur, survived the Agnes Flood of 1972 and was recently restored to almost-new condition. It was prominently displayed throughout the EUMA.

From left: Dan Cook, BLE Division 2 (Jackson, Mich.); his girlfriend Adrienne Davis; and Greg Powell, Chairman of the Michigan State Legislative Board.

George Hucker, BLE Vice-President & National Legislative Representative-Canada, makes a presentation as part of his ongoing program of continuing education for Division LRs throughout Canada.

From left: C.A. Lizarraga, Local Chairman of BLE Division 106 (Muncie, Ind.), and Paul Wingo, Secretary-Treasurer of the Norfolk Southern (Southern Lines) GCofA.

During the 2002 EUMA, a retirement party was held for former Deleware Hudson/Springfield Terminal General Chairman Charlie Klimek. He is pictured here with his wife, Kathy, and BLE International President Don Hahs. Brother Klimek joined the BLE in 1969 and retired on April 3, 2002.



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