What's Inside
Volume 16 - Number 9
September 2002

Pedestrian's leg amputated in remote control accident

CANAC may market over-the-road remote control units

President Hahs reflects on 9-11 tragedy

Steamtown visit rekindles members of the past

Photo highlights of 64th annual EUMA

Continued: Photo highlights of 64th annual EUMA

President Hahs optimistic on Labor Day 2002

GIA, BLE march in Tucson Labor Day parade

BLE, Fire Fighters lead Labor Day parade in Charlotte, N.C.

RRB issues annual financial report

RRB sets informational conferences

Remote control hearing nears

Advisory Board August 2002 Activity

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BLE, Teamsters move ahead

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters announced on September 6 the appointment of four joint committees charged with the task of drafting a Merger Agreement for the two organizations.

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BLE plan would cut fatigue

Leaders of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers presented a three-pronged fatigue countermeasures plan to the railroad industry and government regulators on September 5 at a meeting in Washington, D.C.

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BLE aids "whole body vibration" research

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers recently contracted with Dr. Eckard Johanning to perform research on the level of vibration inside locomotive cabs and its effects on train crew members. Dr. Johanning gave a presentation to BLE members at the Eastern Union Meeting Association's opening ceremony on August 19.

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Railroader's leg severed in remote control mishap

A railroader was in critical but stable condition at Queen of the Valley Hospital in Napa Valley, Calif., on September 19 after his left leg was crushed when two train cars collided at a switching yard on September 17.

Kent Kahle, 46, an employee of California Northern Railroad Company, was attaching train cars to an engine using remote control when the accident occurred, Sheriff's Capt. Gene Lyerla said in the September 19 issue of the Napa Valley Register.

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