2001 Eastern Union Meeting Association

Atlantic City, New Jersey

From left: Pennsylvania State Legislative Board Chairman Ken Kertesz; Delaware & Hudson/Springfield Terminal General Chairman Mike Twombly; and International President Dubroski.

From left: SEPTA Vice-General Chairman Rich Dixon; Long Island Railroad General Chairman Bob Evers; and SEPTA General Chairman Steve Bruno.

Several members of Division 269 (Jamaica, Long Island, N.Y.) attended the EUMA, including, from left: John Bove, Secretary-Treasurer of Division 269; Eddie Jackson, Auxiliary Committeeman; John Hardecker, Engine Coordinator; Russ Accetta, Secretary-Treasurer of the LIRR General Committee of Adjustment; Mickey Quinn, Vice-Chairman of the LIRR General Committee; and Doug Willox, President of Division 269.

EUMA Arrangements Chairman Sonny Kertesz with his wife, Mary Ann.

From left: President Dubroski with former International President Ronald P. McLaughlin, who now serves as Interim Chairman of the BLE's Retired Members Association.

From left: Bill Cloonan, Legislative Representative of Division 269 (Jamaica, Long Island, N.Y.); Mike Gannon, Legislative Representative of Division 11 (New York); and D.J. Anderson, Alberta Provincial Legislative Board Chairman.

From left: BLE President Dubroski, GIA President Windham and GIA Vice-President Wayland.

From Left: Doug Davidson, Local Chairman of Division 96 (Chicago); and R.G. Shaw, Local Chairman of Division 292 (Beach City, Ohio).



2001 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers