2001 Eastern Union Meeting Association

Atlantic City, New Jersey

BLE International President Edward Dubroski, standing left, discusses Amtrak General Committee issues with, from left, Dino Raptis, Local Chairman of BLE Division 12 (Fort Wayne, Ind.); S.J. Tuck, Amtrak Regional General Chairman and Local Chairman of BLE Division 17 (Kansas City, Mo.); and C.A. McDowell, Amtrak Regional Vice-General Chairman and Local Chairman of BLE Division 47 (Denver).

Giving her address at the podium is GIA International President Ruth E. Pillman-Windham, and seated is BLE President Dubroski.

From left: GIA Canadian Representative Sherry McGunigal and GIA First Vice-President Mabel Grotzinger.

Speaking during the closed meeting is Doug Davidson, Local Chairman of BLE Division 96 (Chicago).

From left: Conducting the Legislative Representative Workshop is National Legislative Representative-Canada George Hucker and U.S. National Legislative Representative Leroy Jones.

GIA Vice-President Onita Wayland and GIA President Windham.

From left: General Secretary-Treasurer Russell W. Bennett; EUMA Chairman Mark Kenny; International President Dubroski; and BLE First Vice-President & Alternate President Jim McCoy at the podium.



2001 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers