Improvements continue on BLE website

As part of a continuing effort to enhance rail labor's premier website, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers has established a Members' Discussion Area to make its website a primary communications tool for all members.

The new Discussion Area, which is in a bulletin board format, will serve as an improved communications network over the current e-mail discussion list. It will allow members, in spite of the geographical distances separating them, to communicate almost instantaneously.

A particular advantage of the Members' Discussion Area is that it provides an alternative way of conducting ongoing discussions about a specific subject. For example, BLE Webmaster Walt Schmidt reports that in the past few weeks, there have been hundreds of Members' List e-mail messages concerning the upcoming Presidential election.

"Creating threads in the Members' Discussion Area will make for shorter messages, and will enable those members who are not interested in a specific topic to ignore it altogether, without having to delete dozens of e-mail messages every day," Schmidt said.

This area is accessible to all BLE members who are registered to use the members-only section of the web site; this includes all members who already subscribe to the Members' List e-mail service.

A number of forums have been established in the new Members' Discussion Area which cover most items of interest carried over from the Members' List e-mail service. In addition, all registered members are able to create sub-topics within each forum.

Access to this service is restricted to BLE members only. Members who are not registered but wish to take advantage of this new service can sign up for a password here:

The discussion area can be accessed at:


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