International trade unionists exchange ideas with BLE leaders

A delegation of seven trade unionists from Russia visited the BLE's International Division in Cleveland on August 28 to learn about collective bargaining, union organizing and grievance procedures. The BLE provided its guests with insights into the Railway Labor Act and its impact on collective bargaining and labor-management relations, differing pay scales, job training and the bidding process for jobs, and dispute resolution under the collective bargaining grievance procedures. The delegates were: Ms. Nadhezda Grigor'evna Rakshenko; Ms. Tatyana Anatolyevna Novaya; Mr. Andrei Konstantinovich Fadeev; Mr. Sergey Eduardovich Dubko; Mr. Aleksey Ivanovich Chevtayev; and Mr. Pavel Vasilyevich Sobolev.

Pictured fourth from the left above is Sergey Dubko a representative of the Russian Trade Union of Railroad Engineers. He is chairman of the Sasovo Branch of the union, and was nominated by his national union to take part in this high-level study program because he has been very successful in representing his members and blocking management's efforts to break the union. The Russian Railway Ministry closed the Sasovo Branch in a move to destroy his political base and to disperse his membership, but because of his skillful negotiating ability and considerable political skills, he was able to force a reversal of the decision.

He is pictured above with BLE General Secretary-Treasurer Russ Bennett (fifth from left) and BLE Executive Staff Member Mo Morrow (third from right). The visit was arranged through the U.S. State Department and the AFL-CIO affiliated American Center for International Labor Solidarity.


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