BLE State Legislative Board Chairmen hold annual meeting

The National Association of State Legislative Board Chairmen held its annual meeting in Niagara Falls, Ontario, from July 23-26. Thirty state chairmen and five provincial legislative board chairmen attended the meeting, along with International President Edward Dubroski, First Vice-President Jim McCoy, General Secretary-Treasurer Russ Bennett, Vice-President & U.S. National Legislative Representative Leroy Jones, and National Legislative Representative-Canada George Hucker. The featured guest speaker was Jack Wells, Deputy Administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration.

Raymond Holmes, Chairman of the Texas State Legislative Board, is Chairman of the NASLBC.

"At the present time we have 36 states with either full or part time legislative chairmen," Brother Holmes said. "We meet annually to discuss common issues, state initiatives, to hear reports from our International officers, to lay the framework for future legislation and to decide what legislation should be handled on the national level. The input of our Canadian Brothers allows us to share ideas and discuss common interests."

Standing on staircase, front row, from left: Leroy Jones, Vice-President & U.S. National Legislative Representative; Jim McCoy, First Vice-President & Alternate President; Raymond Holmes, SLBC-TX and Chairman NASLBC; Edward Dubroski, International President; and Russell Bennett, BLE General Secretary-Treasurer.

Second row: James Brittain, SLBC-TN; Edward Way, SLBC-IL; Jack Wells, Deupty Administrator, Federal Railroad Administration; Betty Child, BLE National Legislative Office, Executive Assistant; and Tommy Mayne, SLBC-KY.

Third row: Jim Chappelle, SLBC-NJ; Keith Luebke-SLBC-WI; and Bob Harvey, BLE National Legislative Office, Regulatory Research Coordinator.

Fourth row: Terry Briggs, First VC-TX; Raymond Taylor, SLBC-GA; Tom Perkovich, SLBC-MN; and Jeff Ramage, SLBC-ID.

Fifth row: James Ussery, Second VC-TX; Wayne Wiederspiel, PLBC-British Columbia; and J.T. Norris, SLBC-VA & Vice Chairman NASLBC.

Sixth row: John Collins, SLBC-NY; George Newman, SLBC-MA; and Don Anderson, PLBC-Alberta.

Seventh row: Tom Armstrong, PLBC-Saskatchewan; Brian Gallagher, LR-NY; Darrell Blake, SLBC-WV; Brent Boggs, BLE National Legislative Office, Political Affairs Coordinator; and Mike Muscha, SLBC-ND.

Standing on floor, front row, from left: John Giblin, SLBC-IA; and Bruce Yates, SLBC-NM.

Second row: Bill Verdeyen, SLBC-IN; Tim Young, SLBC-AR; Keith McCarthy, SLBC-WY; Randy Meek, SLBC-NE; Jim Keele, SLBC-KS; and Ken Kertesz, SLBC-PA.

Third row: Robert Svob, SLBC-AZ; Darrell Grywacheski, PLBC-Manitoba; Tim Smith, SLBC-CA; Michael O'Brien, SLBC-LA; and Rob McCaffrey, PLB First Vice-Alberta.

Fourth row: Doug Horstman, SLBC-OR; Darrell Azarcon, First VC-CA; Paul Enenbach, First VC-WI; and Perry Renfro, SLBC-OK & Sec.-Treas. NASLBC

Fifth row: Bill O'Brien, SLBC-OH; Mike Wheten, PLBC-Ontario; and Craig Gilchrist, SLBC-MT.


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