BLE officials meet with Quebec Lieutenant Governor at charity event

Several Canadian BLE officers took part in a charity golf tournament to raise money for the Maison Michel Sarrazine, a hospital that offers care to terminally ill cancer patients.

The tournament raised over $20,000. One of the many volunteers for the event was Brother J. Roberge, locomotive engineer and retired member of Division 558 (Charney, Quebec). Several BLE members and members of their family have used the services of the Maison Michel Sarrazin.

Among those participating were BLE Canadian Director Gilles Hallé, National Legislative Chairman-Canada George Hucker, Local Chairman of BLE Division 258 (Montreal) B. Brunet, and Counsel J. Shields.

Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Quebec, Lise Thibault, was at the tournament and she took time to meet with the BLE representatives.

The official opening of the Maison Michel Sarrazin was in April 1985. It already offered services to more than 6,270 patients in terminal phase of cancer, of them 3,790 used the residence.

More than the free services offered to the patients and their family, the Maison Michel Sarrazin is affiliated to the Université Laval as a training centre and research in palliative care.

The objectives of the Maison Michel Sarrazin are as follows:

Born in Saint-Roch-de-l'Achigan, April 2, 1939, Madame Thibault was sworn in as 27th Lieutenant Governor of Québec, January 30, 1997. She is also the first woman to hold this position. By virtue of her royal commission, she possesses all of the constitutional powers of a head of state and gives legal sanction to the policies adopted by the government.

The will and determination of the Maison Sarrazin go hand in hand with those of Mme. Thibault who, even if she uses a wheel chair, finds the way to golf and ski with adapted vehicles.

Michel Sarrazin was a surgeon in the French navy who moved to Quebec in 1697. In May 1700, he removed a cancerous tumour from the breast of a nun at Hôtel-Dieu of Quebec. It was the first mastectomy in Canada and probably in all of North America.

Seated in the golf cart is Quebec Lieutenant-Governor Lise Thibault, who, along with several BLE officials, took part in a charity golf tournament for the Maison Michel Sarrazin, a private hospital for treatment of cancer victims. Standing, from left, is B. Brunet, J.L. Shields, Gilles Hallé and T.G. Hucker.


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