The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers (BLE) has agreed to support legislation designed to reform the Railroad Retirement system by improving benefits and reducing industry contributions. The move came on September 8, one day after the U.S. House of Representatives passed the bill -- H.R. 4844 -- by a 391-25 margin.

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BLE, FRA join forces to beat the heat
BLE International President Edward Dubroski and FRA Administrator Jolene Molitoris rode in the cab of a locomotive through the Arizona desert in an effort to draw attention to the need for improved locomotive cab working conditions.

Steelworkers document death, injury by remote conrol locomotives
Harrowing testimony about workers' deaths related to the operation of remote control locomotives in the steel industry, delivered by United Steelworkers of America Safety & Health Specialist Frank Grimes, is now available on the BLE website.

Congressional Endorsements
Article for BLE members only.

Second quarter income statements
Rail carriers post mixed results in second quarter.

BLE Senior Report: RRB says finances are strong in annual statement
The Railroad Retirement Board is required by law to submit annual financial reports and triennial actuarial valuations to Congress on the financial condition of the railroad retirement system, as well as annual financial reports on the railroad unemployment insurance system.

BLE Senior Report: Dual payments under Railroad Retirement
The payment of a railroad retirement annuity can be affected by entitlement to social security benefits, as well as certain other government benefits. Such dual entitlement, if not reported to the Railroad Retirement Board, can result in benefit overpayments which have to be repaid, sometimes with interest and penalties.

Improvements continue on BLE website
As part of a continuing effort to enhance rail labor's premier website, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers has established a Members' Discussion Area to make its website a primary communications tool for all members.

Union members eligible to purchase discounted computer systems
BLE members in the market for a new computer can take advantage of a discount program through the AFL-CIO's Internet community, known as ""

BLE 2000 fees objector policy
The fee objector policy shall be published annually in the BLE's newsletter in the month preceding the objection notice period and mailed annually to each objector. It shall also be provided to each new employee when s/he first becomes subject to a union shop agreement.

Canadian Spotlight: BLE-RCTC reach tentative pact with CPR
On August 4, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers / Rail Canada Traffic Controllers concluded a Memorandum of Settlement with Canadian Pacific Railway, subject to ratification.

FIL/CCFC conclut une entente sujette à ratification avec CP
Le 4 août 2000, la Fraternité des ingénieurs de locomotives / Contrôleurs de la circulation ferroviaire du Canada ont conclu un protocole d'entente avec le Canadien Pacifique sujet à la ratification.

Canadian Spotlight: BLE officials participate in charity event
Several Canadian BLE officers took part in a charity golf tournament to raise money for the Maison Michel Sarrazine, a hospital that offers care to terminally ill cancer patients.

Jouer au golf pour une bonne cause
Cette année, la Levée de fonds s'est élevée à plus de 20 000,00$. Nous sommes heureux de souligner qu'un des nombreux volontaires est notre Confrère J. Roberge, ingénieur de locomotives et membre retraité de la Division 558. Malheureusement, plusieurs membres de la FIL ainsi que des membres de leur famille ont déjà fait appel aux services de la Maison Michel Sarrazin.

Honoring members past and present
BLE President Edward Dubroski issues labor day message.

State Legislative Board Chairmen hold annual meeting
Several Canadian BLE officers took part in a charity golf tournament to raise money for the Maison Michel Sarrazine, a hospital that offers care to terminally ill cancer patients.

International trade unionists exchange ideas with BLE
A delegation of seven trade unionists from Russia visited the BLE's International Division in Cleveland on August 28 to learn about collective bargaining, union organizing and grievance procedures. The BLE provided its guests with insights into the Railway Labor Act and its impact on collective bargaining and labor-management relations, differing pay scales, job training and the bidding process for jobs, and dispute resolution under the collective bargaining grievance procedures.


Volume 14 - Number 9
September 2000

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