Dubroski new BLE President

Elected in union's rst successful recall election; McCoy now 1st VP

CLEVELAND -- Clarence V. Monin has been recalled as International President of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.

On July 31, BLE General Secretary-Treasurer Russell W. Bennett reported that of the 13,837 valid ballots cast by BLE members in a recall election, a total of 6,937, or 50.03% favored removal of Monin as President.

Upon notification of the recall vote, First Vice-President Ed Dubroski became acting President awaiting the outcome of Question 2. In that tabulation, Dubroski received 7,793 of the 9,672 valid ballots, thus making him International President.

It is the first time in the union's 136 year history that an International President has been removed from office and a replacement elected by popular vote of the membership.

On August 7, the BLE's Advisory Board unanimously voted to promote International Vice-President J.L. "Jim" McCoy to fill Dubroski's vacant slot as First Vice-President and Alternate President.

Immediately prior to becoming an international vice-president in July of 1996, Brother McCoy served for many years in the position of General Chairman for the Illinois Central Railroad, having been elected several times to head the IC General Committee of Adjustment.

As a vice-president he coordinated activities with the various BLE general committees on the Houston Belt & Terminal, Illinois Central Railroad, METRA, Kansas City Southern Railroad, Southern Pacific/SPCSL, Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis, and Union Pacific (including the Longview Portland & Northern, Longview Switching, and Tacoma Belt railroads). He was the BLE Coordinator working with Vice-President Don Hahs on the UP-SP merger.

To fill McCoy's vacant seat, First Alternate Vice-President Dale McPherson was elevated to Vice-President. Steve Bruno has filled McPherson's spot.

McCoy joined BLE Division 23 in 1964, and since 1971, has been a member of BLE Division 762 (Memphis, Tenn.).

McPherson had previously served as the ID's Director of Shotline Operations.

President Ed Dubroski

In 1986, Dubroski was elected to the office of International Vice-President. In 1991, he was elected to the position of General Secretary-Treasurer, the union's chief financial position.

In 1996, Dubroski was elected by acclamation to the union's second highest position, First Vice-President and Alternate President, at the union's Sixth Quinquennial Convention, held in Detroit.

During his tenure as GST, he served as the first chairman of the Association of Rail Labor Secretary-Treasurers (ARLST) in March of 1994. He is also the founder and creator of the BLE Safety Task Force, the first and only accident investigation team in the rail industry operated by a union. He served as its first Chairman.

He began his professional rail career in 1955, as a track worker on the Central Railroad of New Jersey, during which time he served in the U.S. Air Force Reserves. Following two years in the U.S. Army, he was a fireman for the Jersey Central Railroad in 1960. He earned his promotion to locomotive engineer in 1963.

After holding several offices in and resigning from the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen & Enginemen, he joined BLE Division 157, and was elected its legislative representative in 1970.

He succeeded to the office of BLE General Chairman on the Central Railroad of New Jersey General Committee of Adjustment in 1974, and was re-elected the next year, running unopposed.

In 1977, he was elected as an alternate district chairman on the Conrail General Committee of Adjustment. He was elevated to Conrail District 'G' Chairman in 1980, then re-elected three consecutive terms, the last two times unopposed.

In 1981, at the BLE's Third Quinquennial Convention, he was elected an alternate vice-president and served on the convention's Finance Committee. He was elected to Conrail Alternate General Chairman in 1983, and re-elected in 1986.

President Dubroski and his wife, Genevieve, have one son and one daughter.

First Vice-President Jim McCoy

Jim McCoy was elected to a five-year term as International Vice-President by acclamation at the BLE's Sixth Quinquennial Convention in July of 1996.

Prior to becoming an international officer, he served for more than 10 years in the position of General Chairman for the Illinois Central, having won reelection several times.

Vice-President Dale McPherson

Dale McPherson hired out on a tie gang with the Bur-lington Northern in 1973. He earned his promotion to engineer in April of 1975.

His service to the Brotherhood began in 1979 when he was elected local chairman of Division 195 (Forsyth, Mont.). He was then elected local chairman of BLE Division 180 (Glendive, Mont.) when it was first formed in 1981.

He was elected to a full time Vice-General Chairman's position on the BN in 1986. In 1991, he became BN's General Chairman and won reelection 1992 and 1995. He became First Alternate Vice-President in 1996 and was then appointed to coordinate short line contracts on Jan. 1, 1998.

He has three children Amy, 24, Aaron, 21, and Andrew, 11.

Final Results ­ Recall of Clarence V. Monin

Proposition One Final Count

"Shall Clarence V. Monin be removed from Office of

International President by recall?"

For: 6,937

Against: 6,919

Ballots Cast: 13,856

Proposition Two Final Count

"In case the Office of International President becomes vacant

by recall, vote for one below."

E. Dubroski: 7,793

Write-Ins: 1,879

Ballots Cast: 9,672

(A total of 225 ballots for Proposition Two were voided because write-in votes were cast for C.V. Monin. The same 225 ballots were not voided for Proposition One.)

New chief emphasizes harmony from day one

CLEVELAND, August 3 -- Emphasizing unity and solidarity, Edward Dubroski yesterday assumed the reigns of leadership of North America's oldest labor union, the International Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.

August 2 was his first day in office as International President. Dubroski is the only President to be elected by a popular vote of BLE membership, a first in the union's 136 year history.

In the past, BLE Presidents have always been elected by delegates attending an international convention. In Dubroski's case, he received over 80 percent of the votes cast in the election to fill the office of International President vacated by Clarence V. Monin. Election results were finalized on Saturday, July 31, and yesterday was his first business day in office.

As one of his first official acts as President, Dubroski called a staff meeting of all BLE International Division employees and assured them there would be no job losses as a result of his election.

In addition, he clarified several rumors regarding the number of ballots mailed on the recall issue. Dubroski said initial estimates were too high and based on information received from officials at the Cleveland branch of the U.S. Post Office. Incoming ballots were stored in boxes and mail bags, and Post Office officials estimated there were 25,000 pieces of mail received based solely on weight.

Dubroski also issued the following statement regarding his election, emphasizing the importance of unity inside the BLE and solidarity between the BLE with other labor unions:

"One of the things that sets the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers apart from the majority of the labor movement is a strong democratic process. That democratic process has been at work for the past five months, and the membership of the BLE has spoken. I am especially honored to be the first International President actually elected by the rank and file of this great Brotherhood.

"Although I am gratified by the confidence and support so many Brothers and Sisters have shown, the past few months have also been a very sobering experience. The circumstances that led to my election as President serve as a painful reminder of the importance of a bond of trust between the leaders and the members of our organization.

"BLE members are to be commended for not shirking their duty, and I sincerely appreciate those who took the time to vote, regardless of how you cast your vote.

"It is on this foundation that a stronger union can be built. The tough challenges still lie ahead of us -- finishing our case before the National Mediation Board, continuing to fend off the UTU's attacks, strengthening our ties to the rest of rail labor, and preparing for the next round of bargaining.

"We need to improve on the things done right over the past few years, and we must avoid repeating the things done wrong. Most of all, we need to set our differences aside when it comes to fulfilling the BLE's goals. Loyalty is a most important virtue but, if we are to succeed, our loyalty must be to the ideals on which this organization was founded, rather than the officers who serve as temporary custodians of the union.

"Last month's rally in Washington showed how BLE members with very different and strongly held opinions can come together to drive the BLE's agenda. I call upon all Brothers and Sisters to adopt that same spirit as we face the challenges of the next two years. And I ask all the leaders of this Brotherhood to join me in setting the example. We owe our members no less."


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