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Dubroski new BLE President
Elected in union's first successful recall election; McCoy now First Vice-President
New chief emphasizes harmony from day one
Final Results -- Recall of Clarence V. Monin

Page 2
BLE facts refute UTU claims in NMB case
Excerpts of NMB hearing testimony
Page 3, Legislative Update
D.C. Feedback -- drug and alcohol testing
NASLBC holds annual meeting in Nashville
Rail safety reform introduced by Oberstar
BLE PAC pins coming soon

Page 4
Members kick up their heels at annual IWC in Calgary, Alberta
Photo recap of 1999 IWC
Page 5
Photo recap of 1999 IWC in Calgary, Alberta
Page 6, BLE Senior Report
U.S. Railroad Retirement Board explains spousal benefit system
Page 7
GTW spy camera case back in state court
In the Line of Duty -- Carl Finzel, Arnold Roth
1999 BLE Fees Objector Policy
Page 8
BLE engineer gets $125,000 in back pay
August 1999 Calendar & Events
Advisory Board July Activity

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