State Chairman Scott Palmer reelected in Oregon

Scott Palmer was reelected by acclamation to a second term as Oregon State Legislative Board Chairman at the Boards June 5 meeting in Wilsonville, Ore.

Brother Palmer is a 13-year member of BLET Division 842 in Klamath Falls.

Brother Don Strong of BLET Division 236 (Portland) was reelected as First Vice Chairman and Brother Mike Kelly of BLET Division 476 (Eugene) was reelected to the position of Second Vice Chairman.

Brother Sellar Nugent was reelected as Secretary-Treasurer, a position he has held since the Board's formation in 1990. Brother Robert Armstrong of BLET Division 362 (La Grande) was reelected as Alternate Secretary-Treasurer.

Also in attendance were Brothers Gary Quick, BLET Division 362 (LaGrande, Ore.), and Mike Neale, BLET Division 416 (Salem).

Guest Speakers included Designated Legal Counsel Paul Bovarnick, IBT Joint Council 37 Legislative Director Lynn Lehrback, and U.S. Senate candidate Steve Novick.

During the meeting delegates discussed legislative amendments designed to increase crew safety while handling radioactive materials. Also discussed was a bill aimed at standardizing railroad signs such as advance speed boards, trackside flags, and switch targets.

A special committee was formed to investigate safety concerns of shortline railroad employees in the state.

"We have excellent delegates here and I anticipate they will be very active," said Palmer. "We have the opportunity to do some real good for the Brothers and Sisters in Oregon."

From left: Sellar Nugent, Scott Palmer, Rob Armstrong, Mike Kelly, Gary Quick, Mike Neale and Don Strong.



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