General Chairman Tom Roberts reelected

The Conrail SAA/CSXT Northern District General Committee of Adjustment reelected Tom Roberts for a third consecutive term as General Chairman at triennial meetings in Buffalo, N.Y., on May 21.

Brother Roberts joined the Brotherhood of Aug. 1, 1973, and is a member of BLET Local Division 601 (Newark, N.J.).

In voting on May 22, the delegates elected Jim Louis (a member of Local Division 421 in Buffalo, N.Y.) as Alternate General Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer; Matt Kronyak (Local Division 235, Union City, N.J.) as Vice General Chairman; Rich Vogt (Local Division 387, Camden, N.J.) as Alternate Vice General Chairman; and Greg Lund (Local Division 421, Buffalo, N.Y.) as Alternate Secretary Treasurer. Brother Louis was reelected by acclamation; Brothers Kronyak and Vogt won first-time election without opposition as well.

Delegates handled a variety of issues during the long, two-day work sessions. Among them were the decision to change from triennial to quadrennial meeting intervals, and the decision to create a new Alternate General Chairman position. The individual elected to that position would succeed the General Chairman should that office become vacant.

"We handled a lot of business in two days," General Chairman Roberts said. "I thank the Delegates and everyone else who supported me, and believe the Delegates elected a talented, motivated and capable General Committee of whom our membership can be proud."

BLET National Vice President Paul Sorrow addressed the body and provided an update on the CSX Single System agreement. Also in attendance were New York State Legislative Board Chairman John Collins, Ohio State Legislative Board Chairman Tim Hanely, and Norfolk Southern-Northern Lines Vice General Chairman Bob Linsey.

The General Committee is comprised of 15 different BLET Local Divisions on two properties (Conrail Shared Assets and CSXT Northern District) and represents approximately 700 members in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

Delegates, officers and guests attending the May 2007 Triennial Convention of the Conrail SAA/CSXT Northern District GCofA.

Front row, from left: Nate Drown, L.C. Div. 867; Kevin Bourassa, L.C. Div. 439; Bill Lyons, Div 46; Tom Roberts, General Chairman; Audrey Pawelczak, Office Mgr.; Jim Louis, Alt. General Chairman, GCA-S/T, L.C. Div. 421; Paul Sorrow, National Vice President; and Brian Baginski, L.C. Div. 601.

Top row, from left: Pat Driscoll, L.C. Div. 382; Jim Kermans, L.C. Div 1; Greg Lund GCA-Alt S/T, President Div. 421; Ron Smale, L.C. Div. 851; Mike Fitzgerald, L.C., Div. 3; Mark Krajewski, L.C. Div. 46; Jamie Bush, V.L.C. Div.169; Ron Bernash, L.C. Div. 63, Matt Kronyak, Vice General Chairman, L.C. Div. 235; Mike Henry, L.C. Div.169; John Lembke, L.C. Div. 227; Rich Vogt, Alt. Vice General Chairman, L.C Div. 387; and Pat Norton, L.C. Div.157.

(Photo by Tony Ocasio)



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