Presiden Hahs welcomes Doug Davidson to Arbitration staff

The BLET's Arbitration Department has added Doug Davidson of Division 96 (Chicago) to its staff, filling the vacancy that was created by Marcus J. Ruef's election to the office of National Vice-President at the First Quadrennial Convention in June.

Under the direction of National Vice-President Richard K. Radek, Davidson will serve as a labor member for the First Division of the National Railroad Adjustment Board. In addition, he will assist BLET General Committees and BLET members in the field preparing for cases and hearings.

"I am honored to work for our Brotherhood's National Division and look forward getting started right away, putting my experience to work for our members," said Brother Davidson, a BLET member for 26 years. "I welcome the challenges ahead."

Davidson has more than 30 years of service with the Chicago & North Western/Union Pacific Railroad. He originally hired out in 1973, just 36 days past his 18th birthday. His professional railroad career includes work as a switchman, brakeman and fireman prior to earning his promotion to locomotive engineer in June of 1980. He also joined Division 96 in June of 1980. He also worked as a clerk at various times while furloughed from operating positions early in his railroad career.

In terms of service to the Brotherhood, Brother Davidson took over the local chairman position for Division 96 when his predecessor resigned in 1988. An effective labor leader, Davidson was reelected in 1989, 1992, 1995, 1998, 2001, and 2004. He also represented his division as a delegate to four BLET National and International Conventions (1991, 1996, 2001 and 2006).

"We are proud to have Brother Davidson on board," Vice President Radek said. "He brings to the table a high level of experience, success, and a stellar work ethic. I also thank Vice President Ruef for his many years of dedicated service to the Arbitration Department and congratulate him on his election."

Ruef had worked in the Arbitration Department from late 1996 to his election in June of 2006.

Over the years, Davidson has gained a great deal of first-hand experience handling time claims and discipline cases at the local level, as well as preparing and presenting cases at the First Division. He has also been active handling Part 240 engineer certification cases. Davidson holds the unique distinction of being the first non-attorney to successfully handle a case at the 409 level (trial de novo).

"I welcome Doug Davidson to our National Division staff and know that he will do a stellar job in protecting the rights of BLET members from all across the United States," BLET National President Don Hahs said.

Davidson and his wife Annie have been married for 26 years. They have two adult children, Sophie and Floyd. The couple resides in Evanston, Ill.

From left: BLET Vice-President & Director of Arbitration Rick Radek with Arbitration staffers Doug Davidson and Greg Ross in the Arbitration Department's library.



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