Don Hahs reelected National President

The initiative put forth by BLET Division 316 to provide for membership election of National Division officers has been approved by a majority of active members who cast a ballot. It now must be approved by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

The initiative contained three separate questions, all of which passed.

The following BLET members were appointed by President Don M. Hahs to count the votes pursuant to Section 4(a) - National Division Rules: M. J. O'Bryan, Division 57 (Boston), Amtrak GCA Secretary-Treasurer; T. B. Vassie, Division 382 (Buffalo, N.Y.); M. D. Frank, Local Chairman Division 899 (Birmingham, Ala.); S. M. Schelling, Local Chairman Division 165 (Louisville, Ky.); T. W. Brown, Secretary-Treasurer Division 857 (Tyler, Texas); and D. B. Heiman Local Chairman Division 183 (Omaha, Neb.).

"I thank these brothers for their hard work in counting the votes," President Hahs said. "I also commend all of those who voted in this important referendum."

The new voting process will be used in the 2010 National Division elections, if approved by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.



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