BLET staffer Chuck Anderson: Remember the power of prayer

BLET Executive Staff member Chuck Anderson was invited to give the invocation on June 28 at the 27th International Teamsters Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Brother Anderson was invited by Cheryl Johnson, Director of the Teamsters Human Rights Commission, to give the invocation before more than 7,000 Teamster delegates after she read an e-mail that he had sent to the Officers and Staff of the Teamsters and BLET about the power of prayer. His e-mail told a story about his son, Daryl, who is serving in Iraq. Daryl is a staff sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Brother Anderson has served on the BLET Executive Staff since 1988. He has been member of BLET Division 362 (La Grande, Ore.) since 1977.

His invocation follows:

Sometimes we ignore the power and influence that prayer can have in our lives. But here is a true story from my son, Daryl, who is a staff sergeant in the 1st Radio Battalion, USMC, currently on assignment in Iraq.

A few weeks ago he took his men out on an operation near the town of Fallujah. Before the patrol started he asked his men if they wanted to pray. Everyone said, "Sure, why not?" So he led his men in prayer. About an hour into their patrol, a fireball erupted next to their truck. All four doors were blown open and the vehicle went airborne. By the grace of God, everyone was okay.

When they got back to base, Daryl told his men that they should pray again and thank the Lord. Of course they were all enthusiastic about that!

Please join me in prayer.

Our Heavenly Father,

We acknowledge your greatness, your holiness, your power. You are an awesome God, one who cannot be trifled with, and one who holds us accountable for our actions. But you also love your people with a great and undying love; and on that basis, we humbly make our petitions to you.

We first ask you to forgive us for those times when we failed to meet your expectations of us - for those times when we have hurt our brothers and sisters, when we have not done our best, not gone the extra mile, when we've been impatient, uncaring, thoughtless or selfish. We are imperfect people, and we need your grace and favor in our lives.

Oh Lord, we ask that you help us today in the work we have to do. Give us wisdom to make the critically important decisions before us.

We pray for our officers at the helm of this fine union, as they daily shoulder the enormously heavy responsibility of watching over our welfare and leading the charge for economic and workplace justice.

And last, we ask that you equip and enable us, so that when we leave this 27th Convention, we will be better officers, better staff persons, better rank and file, more effective in serving the needs of our members. Give us strength to work tirelessly on their behalf, so that they will better understand the greatness of this organization. And help us to be more formidable against our adversaries who have no care whatsoever for the welfare of those who work for a living.

This is a great cause, oh Lord, and one that we cannot accomplish without your blessing.

For these things, oh God, we humbly thank you and give you praise.

In Jesus name, Amen.




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