Eastern Union Meeting Association, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Don Zatteau, Local Chairman of BLET Division 286 in Grand Rapids, Mich., purchases raffle tickets from Pat Murphy, GIA Second Vice-President & Assistant U.S. Legislative Representative. The number of raffle tickets sold was based on each person's arm span, so Brother Zatteau made sure he got as many tickets as possible.

From left: BLET National President Don Hahs presents a plaque to Shaun Louis, honoring him for achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. Shaun is the son of Jim Louis, Secretary-Treasurer of BLET Division 421 in Buffalo, N.Y. Shaun has also earned an American Labor merit badge and is currently working on a Railroad badge. Less than two percent of Scouts achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.

Clockwise, from far right: Sam Caruso, a member of BLET Division 183 in Omaha, Neb.; Anita Caruso, GIA International Secretary; Roxie Twombly; and Mike Twombly, Delaware & Hudson/Springfield Terminal General Chairman.

From left: EUMA Chairman and Amtrak General Chairman Mark B. Kenny and 2005 EUMA Arrangements Chairman Bill Kearsing, a member of BLET Division 46 in Albany, N.Y.

Ken Kroeger, BLET Special Rep and Coordinator of the Education & Training Department, makes a presentation during the Local Chairman Workshop.

From left: Mike Gannon, Legislative Representative of BLET Division 11 in New York, N.Y.; and George Newman, Massachusetts State Legislative Board Chairman.

Plan ahead for next year!

2006 Eastern Union Meeting Association

At the Tropicana

Atlantic City, N.J., June 12-16, 2006

Hosted by Arrangements Chairman R.J. Chapter, Co-Chairman T.J. Moraghan and the members of BLET Division 157



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