AFL-CIO plans to crack down 'aggressively' on unions that raid

In a statement issued on August 6, the AFL-CIO continued its support of affiliated unions raided by rogue unions, such as the raid currently perpetrated by the United Transportation Union against the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers on the Canadian Pacific Railway.

The statement condemns raids such as the UTU's and ones by other unaffiliated unions, saying: "rather than organizing the unorganized workforce, (these organizations) make their living by preying on already organized workers or otherwise interfering with legitimate AFL-CIO organizing campaigns. The labor movement stands united in opposition to these pariah organizations."

The AFL-CIO said it would establish a committee of union presidents to develop plans to respond "aggressively" to the threats created by organizations that raid AFL-CIO affiliates.

The statement also reiterates that a union found guilty of raiding an affiliate will be prohibited from affiliating with any AFL-CIO union. This would preclude the UTU from future mergers with AFL-CIO affiliates unless it ceases its raiding practices. An impartial AFL-CIO umpire found the UTU guilty of raiding the BLE on the Union Pacific Railroad in 1998.

The UTU withdrew from the AFL-CIO on March 15, 2000 in an attempt to avoid sanctions levied by the AFL-CIO for raiding the BLE. It has continued its attempts at raiding the BLE since that time.

Prior to its current raid on the Canadian Pacific Railway, the UTU most recently attempted to raid the BLE on the Kansas City Southern.



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