BLE-IBT merger documents now availble online

Documents governing the proposed BLE-Teamsters merger are now available in the members area of the BLE website, in line with Section 1(e)(2) of the BLE Constitution & Bylaws.

The documents, unanimously approved by the BLE Advisory Board on July 11, were mailed on July 22 to the general chairmen, state and provincial legislative chairmen, Advisory Board, and division presidents, also in keeping with Section 1(e) (2).

July 22 will be the "mailing date" that will trigger the sequence of events leading to a vote by the membership.

The documents include: Merger Agreement; IBT Constitution; IBT Rail Conference Bylaws; Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen Bylaws; Teamsters Canada Rail Conference Bylaws; Teamsters Canada Bylaws; and the Advisory Board Resolution Approving Merger.

A password for the members' area is required to view the documents at: <>.



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