UTU evicted, again

IBEW tells unafÞliated UTU to leave union hall in Chicago


Members of BLE Divisions 96, 404 and 405 conducting their informational campaign and rally outside the IBEW Union Hall in Chicago.


The United Transportation Union, which removed itself from the AFL-CIO for the purposes of raiding the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, was evicted from yet another union hall because of its non-affiliate status.

On June 7, UTU Local 528 was evicted from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers' (IBEW) union hall in Chicago following a successful informational campaign and rally by members of BLE Divisions 96, 404 and 405.

The eviction in Chicago marks the second time in less than six months that the UTU has been evicted from a union hall because of its non-affiliate status.

On February 20, the AFL-CIO affiliated unions comprising the Western Nebraska Central Labor Council voted unanimously to adopt a resolution evicting the UTU from its headquarters in Alliance, Neb.

"UTU leadership is hoping to accomplish a hostile takeover of the BLE by convincing the National Mediation Board to eliminate the historical operating crafts in the railroad industry," according to literature distributed by the BLE divisions as part of their informational drive against the UTU. "This reckless plan is bad for Rail Labor and could potentially affect other trades.

"UTU has lost all credibility as they do the bidding of railroad management to achieve industry goals of remote control operation and a substandard collective bargaining agreement that drags down the rest of Railroad Labor.

"The AFL-CIO, including the IBEW, has condemned the UTU and supported the BLE in its fight to preserve operating crafts."

The BLE's highly successful campaign was organized by Chicago-area Local Chairmen Doug Davidson (Division 96), Paul Fesssenbecker (Division 404) and Sean McGovern (Division 405).

These Brothers issued a special thanks to the Chicago IBEW Office Staff, who helped the BLE send a strong message to UTU membership regarding the AFL-CIO's condemnation of their International's anti-labor practices.

As a result of anti-union tactics by the UTU International, two UTU subordinate bodies have been evicted from their offices in union halls operated by AFL-CIO affiliates. In March, UTU representatives were evicted from the Western Nebraska Central Labor Council's headquarters in Alliance, Neb. In June, UTU Local 528 was evicted from the IBEW Union Hall in Chicago.

Photo Above: Dan Lauchart, Div. 405; Jim Stacey, Div. 96; and Dale Kneupfer, Div. 96.

Photo Above: Tom Cuellar, Div. 96.


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