BLE approves Procedural Agreement to govern Teamster talks


Members of the Grand International Auxiliary (GIA) had a successful trip, recruiting at least three new members. Ladies attending a GIA workshop are pictured here. Seated, from left: Linda Lee, Victoria Linkletter, Virginia Linkletter, Sherry McGunigal, Ruthanna Lee, Onita Wayland, and Kim Linkletter. Standing, from left: Barbie Lynch, Sereena Hogan, Toni Coleman, Diane Fender, Lynne Weninger, Janice Hahs, Brenda Hayes, and Paula Priest.


BLE-PAC - "Don't leave home without it." North Dakota State Legislative Board Chairman Mike Muscha signed up several new contributors to the BLE PAC fund while at the IWC.


From left: Walt Webster, Utah State Legislative Board Chairman; BLE Vice-President & U.S. National Legislative Representative Raymond Holmes; and Pat Whelan, Legislative Representative and President of BLE Division 349 (Salt Lake City, Utah).


From left: Randy Saunders, Local Chairman of BLE Division 5 (Los Angeles); International President Don Hahs; and Jim Booth, Local Chairman of BLE Division 28 (Tucson, Ariz.).


From left: International Vice-President Dale McPherson and Phil Bailey, Local Chairman of BLE Division 236 (Portland, Ore.).


General Chairman D.W. Hannah (Union Pacific Western Lines), lower right, is the lucky winner of the drawing for a hand-made afghan. The money raised by this raffle was donated to the GIA's scholarship fund.


Sellar B. Nugent, Secretary-Treasurer of the Oregon State Legislative Board, is presented with a 30-year membership pin by International President Don Hahs. Brother Nugent has held his current office for 10 years, previously serving as Local Chairman of Division 664 for six years and Legislative Rep. of that same division for four years. Currently, he is a member of Division 277 (Portland, Ore.).


From left: Michael Coleman of Division 123 (Phoenix, Ariz.) discusses work/rest guidelines with George Hucker, BLE Vice-President & National Legislative Director-Canada, and Don Anderson, Chairman of the Alberta Provincial Legislative Board.



LEFT: Ronnie Lee, Secretary-Treasurer of Division 126 (Bakersfield, Calif.), and Dean Altringer, Secretary-Treasurer of the North Dakota State Legislative Board and S-T of Division 160 (Harvey, N.D.).



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