Photo recap of 2002 International Western Convention

The Canadian flag was escorted by bagpipers into the hall during opening ceremonies. The bagpipe players are, from left: Don Anderson of BLE Division 898 (Jasper, Alberta) and Bob Gallaher of Division 821 (Kamloops, B.C.).

IWC 2002 Chairman Will Amaya, podium, welcomes guests during the opening ceremony on July 19. Seated, from left, are General Secretary-Treasurer Bill Walpert; International President Don Hahs; and GIA International President Onita Wayland. The convention was held at the Tri-Cities West Coast Hotel in Kennewick, Wash.


From left: Tim Donnigan, General Chairman of the Union Pacific-Western Region, with Ira Happe and Bonnie Leake, both members of BLE Division 766 (Las Vegas, Nev.).
From left: Mike Weston, Legislative Representative of BLE Division 186 (Denver), explains to GST Walpert how his division has recruited a vast number of new trainmen members in recent months.
From left: Steve Halbrook, President of BLE Division 94 (Gillette, Wyo.); Melna Bennett; and her husband Greg Bennett, Secretary-Treasurer of Division 94 (Gillette, Wyo.).
From left: Mark Ricci, Ph.D., Chairman of the Washington State Legislative Board, and Tim Smith, Chairman of the California State Legislative Board.
From left: Bruce MacArthur, Union Pacific-Northern Region General Chairman; Lee Pruitt, BLE International Vice-President; and Gil Gore, Union Pacific-Southern Region General Chairman.
From left: Richie Prevo, Legislative Representative of BLE Division 647 (Phoenix, Ariz.) and Britt Staffield, Local Chairman of BLE Division 647.







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