BLE approves Procedural Agreement to govern Teamster talks

The BLE Advisory Board and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters' General Executive Board have approved a procedural agreement that will govern the merger process up to and including the submission of an agreement for ratification.

The Procedural Agreement calls for the creation of a Rail Conference in the Teamsters Union and establishes Joint Committees to determine the rules of the merger. The agreement establishes a Merger Committee, which will be made up of co-chairs appointed by each union, and four subcommittees covering constitution and bylaws, legislative department, finance, and Canada.

The work of the Joint Committees will be completed in six months. At that time, the Merger Agreement will go to each organization for approval according to each organization's Constitutional requirements.

BLE President Don Hahs will serve as the BLE co-chairman and Teamster General President James Hoffa will serve as the Teamsters' co-chairman on the Merger Committee. The members of the subcommittees were not appointed as of press time.

"This agreement protects the interests of both organizations and will keep us focused on reaching an agreement to submit to the membership under the provisions of Section 1(e) of the BLE Constitution and Bylaws," President Hahs stated.

The agreement also establishes time frames for completing the different tasks that will be a part of the overall process.

"We are pleased with our progress and are looking forward to welcoming our BLE brothers and sisters into the Teamsters Union," said Teamsters General President Hoffa. "By joining together, we will strengthen our ability to represent workers across the transportation spectrum."

In the meantime, the Procedural Agreement calls upon the BLE and Teamsters to, "cooperate on all matters of mutual interest including, but not limited to, legislation, organizing, representation and issues pending before the National Mediation Board."

Full text of the BLE-IBT Procedural Agreement is available on Page 7 of this issue.


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