June 27-July 1, 2000

Eastern Union Meeting Association, Niagara Falls, Canada

International President Edward Dubroski.

Eastern Union Meeting Association Chairman (and Amtrak General Chairman) Mark Kenny.

From left: Long Island Rail Road General Chairman Bob Evers; EUMA Arrangements Chairman and Division 421 Local Chairman Jack Murphy; Illinois State Legislative Board Chairman C. Edward Way; International Vice-President Ed Rodzwicz; Division 11 (New York City) Legislative Representative Mike Gannon; Division 127 (North White Plains, NY) Legislative Representative Fred Kelly; New Jersey Transit General Chairman Bob Vallochi; Division 74 (Harrisburg-Enola, Pa.) Local Chairman John Rupp; International President Ed Dubroski; and EUMA Secretary-Treasurer Gary Brink.

From left: Gen Dubroski, GIA Member-At-Large and wife of International President Dubroski, helps Pat Murphy with the raffle. Mrs. Murphy is wife of EUMA Arrangements Chairman Jack Murphy.

Front row, from left: Indiana Harbor Belt General Chairman Ron Pasquarella; International Vice-President Richard K. Radek; BLE Division 96 (Chicago) Member Dave Hilligoss; and Division 404 (Chicago) President Doug Morgan.

Back row, from left: Division 404 Member Rex Hauser; Division 404 Legislative Representative Tom Horvath; Illinois State Legislative Board Chairman Ed Way; and Division 404 (Chicago) Local Chairman Paul Fessenbecker.


2000 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers