BLE delegation attends TTD convention in Washington D.C.

Left row, front to back: Ohio State Legislative Board Chairman Bill O'Brien; Kentucky State Legislative Board Chairman Tommy Mayne; UP General Chairman Lee Pruitt; West Virginia State Legislative Board Chairman Darrell Blake; and Wisconsin State Legislative Board Chairman Keith Luebke.

Middle row, front to back: International President Ed Dubroski; California State Legislative Board Chairman Tim Smith; Montana State Legislative Board Chairman Craig Gilchrist; and CSX General Chairman Tony Smith.

Right row, front to back: BNSF General Chairman Merle Geiger; Grand Trunk Western General Chairman John Karakian; Texas State Legislative Board Chairman Raymond Holmes; and Long Island Rail Road General Chairman Bob Evers.

Secretary of Transportation Rodney Slater, center, meets with International President Ed Dubroski, left, and BLE Vice-President & U.S. National Legislative Representative Leroy D. Jones, right.

From left: CSX General Chairman Tony Smith; International President Edward Dubroski; Texas State Legislative Board Raymond Holmes (background); Union Pacific General Chairman Lee Pruitt; and California State Legislative Board Tim Smith.

From left: TTD Chairman Sonny Hall, who is also President of the Transport Workers Union of America; BLE President Dubroski; and LIRR General Chairman Evers.

President Dubroski addressing TTD delegates.

Members of the BLE delegation meet with Deputy Secretary of Transportation Mort Downey, center, white beard. From left: GTW General Chairman John Karakian; CSX General Chairman Smith; UP General Chairman Pruitt; Mort Downey; BNSF General Chairman Geiger; International President Dubroski; LIRR General Chairman Evers; and Vice-President Jones.




2000 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers