Congratulations to BLE Division 231!

The International Division of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers recognizes BLE Division 231 (Philadelphia) for its 100 percent participation in the BLE-PAC.

All of the 39 members in this division (off the CSX) contribute to the BLE-PAC fund, which helps the BLE elect state and federal legislators who fight for improvements in the laws that protect locomotive engineers. The division was chartered on March 1, 2000.

The International Division thanks the officers of Division 231 for their efforts in recruiting members to participate in the BLE-PAC.

For details on how to become a BLE-PAC contributor, contact the BLE's National Legislative Office in Washington D.C. at (202) 347-7936 or via e-mail at:

Again congratulations to all the Brothers and Sisters of BLE Division 231 in Philadelphia!


2000 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers