Montana engineers elect State Legislative Board officers

Delegates and members of the BLE's Montana State Legislative Board held their quadrennial meeting from June 21-22 in Billings, Mont.

The Board considered a number of matters and elected officers for four-year terms. Elected at the meeting were:

The BLE convention immediately preceded the Montana state AFL-CIO convention which the BLE members also attended.

"The meeting was very productive, with all members contributing to the work and the agenda before the Board," said Chairman Gilchrist.

"We combined several educational programs along with matters of old and new business including consideration of a number of resolutions and the endorsement by the Board of political candidates in the current election cycle. This made for a well rounded and a very useful meeting."

"The participation by our BLE members in the state AFL-CIO convention was time well spent, they had an opportunity to meet other people in the trade union movement," Brother Gilchrist continued.

"In this way, others can come to know the problems that face rail workers and it helps create broader solidarity in the labor movement."

The steam locomotive in the photo below, Northern Pacific No. 1031, is now on permanent display at the Yellowstone County Museum in Billings, Mont.

It is a hand-fired switcher locomotive that saw service in Glendive, Mont., where BLE Division 180 is located.

Members of the BLE Montana State Legislative Board after their quadrennial meeting in July. Lower row, from left: Randy Smith, Division 262 (Missoula); Craig Gilchrist, Division 298 (Glasgow); Bill Wilson, Division 504 (Great Falls); D.C. Wetsch, Division 195 (Forsyth); and C J. Erhardt, Division 180 (Glendive).

Upper row, from left: Steve Manaras, Division 392 (Havre); Paul Slater, Division 232 (Laurel); and Dave Torgerson, Division 499 (Whitefish).


2000 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers