ID officers address Illinois Central GCofA meeting

The Illinois Central General Committee of Adjustment held its Quadrennial meeting on April 3-4 at the Grand Casino Terrace Hotel in Robinsonville, Miss. General Chairman Koonce reports that International President Edward Dubroski, First Vice-President Jim McCoy and Vice-President Richard K. Radek addressed the delegates.

Seated, from left: M.D. Whitechurch (Div. 24); S.D. Ritter (Div. 114); W.M. Carlton, III (Div. 914); First Vice-President Jim McCoy; J.R. Koonce (General Chairman); International President Edward Dubroski; E.L. Hayden (retired VP); Karen Brasfield (Secretary to GC); J.M. Hunt Sr. (Div. 762); and R.F. Smithson (Div. 508). Middle row, from left: R.E. Widdon (Div. 552); J.D. Wright (Div. 315); A.G. Rapp (Div. 602); R.W. Marshall Jr. (Div. 10); J.A. Whitacker (Div. 23); W.J. Leith (Div. 131); A.L. Tinney (Div. 152); B.C. Jourdan (Div. 593); B.B. Harry Jr. (Div. 450); C.E. Way (BLE Illinois State Legislative Chairman); and O.L. Smith (Div. 827). Back row, from left: A.L. Irby (Div. 203); J.L. Dickerson (Div. 196); J.W. Jackson (Div. 109); R.P. King (Div. 118); C.W. Lynch (Div. 8); G.N. Lamb (Div. 225); J.R. Wood (Div. 99); R.D. Johns (Div. 577); A.R. Aycock (Div. 326); and M.W. Walters (Div. 512).


2000 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers