Volume 11, Number 7 -- July 1997

Page 1
Wisconsin Central engineers select BLE
Railroads, FRA respond to BLE Safety Strikes
FRA issues emergency orders after BLE Safety Press Conference

Page 2, Capitol Briefs
Two-Way, End-of-Telemetry devices mandatory as of July 1
How to properly inspect the new EOTs

Page 3
Accidents in West Virginia, Kansas and Texas claim the lives of three engineers

Page 4, Canadian Spotlight
Hallé battles UTU take-over attempt on Via Rail
BLE Initials deal with CP Rail
Advisory Board June Activity Reports

Page 5
Scenes from Scary, W.Va. collision

Page 6, BLE Senior Report
RRB has new proposal for occupational disability benefits
RRB Q&A Part II: children, widows may be eligible for benefits

Page 7
AFL-CIO's Sweeney speaks at BLE Safety Press Conference
About Wisconsin Central (at a glance)

Page 8
Monin Initiates BLE Safety Hotline
"Buffalo Bob" remembered fondly
BLE Calendar


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