Committees of the First Quadrennial Convention

Arrangements Committee

Members of the BLET's Arrangements Committee, whose hard work contributed to the success of the First Quadrennial Convention. Kneeling, from left: Jim Keele, Gene Imler, Gilbert Gardiner, Don Moates, J.T. Norris, Gary Perrien, K.L. Jackson, Mike Priester, and Rusty Jones.

Standing, from left: Sam Parker, Jim Valentine, Mike Muscha, Mark Pobst, Joe Rafanelli, John Koonce, Ben Blissett, Ken Kroeger, Greg Lund, Chuck Fleming, Dave Ditzel, Ken Michel, Jim Nelson, Henry Zappia, George Rees, Megan Mead, Bob Woodruff, Pat Williams, Bruce MacArthur, Jon Hurst, Rick Gibbons, Mike Young, Tim Donnigan, Roy Helms, and Jim Bradford.

Work/Ritual Committee

Kent Confer, Randy Dumey, Larry James (chairman) and Matt Kronyak.

Constitution & Bylaws Committee

Cole Davis, Kevin Peek, Gil Gore (chairman) and Mark Kenny.

Legislative Committee

Terry Briggs, Tommy Hudson, Craig Gilchrist and George Newman (chairman).

Credentials Committee

David Phillips, Willard Knight (chairman), Pat Lynch, and David Bowen (present but not pictured).





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