Delegates seek to eliminate seniority maintenance fees

Delegates attending the BLET's First Quadrennial Convention in Las Vegas adopted a resolution that provides a vehicle to eliminate seniority maintenance and retention fees where they exist.

The resolution alters Section 29 (c) of the BLET's bylaws to read as follows:

"All members whose names do not appear on the engineers' seniority roster, such as conductors and other train service employees, shall pay $18.50 national dues, and such assessments as may be levied by the Advisory Board. However, once BLET obtains the right to represent such members in accordance with the provisions of the Railway Labor Act through the National Mediation Board, they will be liable for active dues as outlined in Section 29 (b)- National Division Rules.

The resolution increwill increase trainmen's National dues from $12.00 to $18.50. The reason for the change is an agreement entered into between the BLET National Division and the UTU International on March 6, 2006. That agreement reads as follows:

"In consideration of BLET amending its Bylaws to provide that its train service members are required to pay national dues at the same level as International dues contained in the UTU Constitution, and recommending to General Committees, State Legislative Boards and Divisions that its train service members will pay the lesser amount of full dues required of Engineer active members of the equivalent of full dues of the UTU train service members, UTU International will recommend to its General Committees that have implemented seniority maintenance Agreements from train service employees pursuant to the UTU-NCCC Carrier November 1, 2004 Letter of Intent (LOI) to cancel such agreements and will recommend to the balance of its General Committees, covered by the LOI that they not implement the seniority maintenance provisions of that agreement."

Gil Gore, Chairman of the BLET's Bylaws Committee, explained the resolution:

"It requires that UTU seniority maintenance fees and retention fees be dropped from a property before we place the dues at $18.50. It provides the additional $6.50 of dues will go directly toward training and education for General Committee and local division officers to enhance their ability to properly represent our trainmen members. And it maintains the ability on those properties to allow member to pay reduced dues of $4 per month, national reduced dues, to offset having to pay maintenance fees to another organization."

Delegates review the report of the Constitution & Bylaws Committee as they vote on changes to the Brotherhood's Constitution during the First Quadrennial Convention in Las Vegas.



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