Three General Chairmen win reelection bids

Austin Morrison, Tom Roberts and Dennis Pierce were all reelected to their general chairmen offices in recent months, according to reports received by the BLET Public Relations Department.

BNSF (former C&S, CRI&P, FWD)

General Chairman Austin Morrison won reelection by acclamation at the Burlington Northern Santa Fe General Committee of Adjustment's triennial meetings in Amarillo, Texas, from June 15-16. He is a member of BLET Division 574 in Amarillo, Texas.

Brother B.J. Brown of Division 574 was also reelected by acclamation to his post as First Vice-Chairman of the BNSF GCofA, which represents the former C&S, CRI&P and FWD properties.

Also winning elections were Terry D. Sutton of Division 186 (Denver, Colo.), who will serve as Second Vice-General Chairman; and T.R. Williamson of Division 430 (Trinidad, Colo.), who will serve as Secretary-Treasurer.

National Vice-President Stephen D. Speagle attended the meetings and addressed the delegates on a number of issues of national importance.

CSXT Northern District (Conrail Shared Assets)

Brother Tom Roberts of BLET Division 601 (Newark, N.J.) has been reelected General Chairman of the CSXT Northern District (Conrail Shared Assets) General Committee of Adjustment.

Reelected to the office of Vice-General Chairman was W.J. Lyons of Division 46 (Albany, N.Y.). Reelected to the office of Assistant Secretary-Treasurer was R.E. Smale of Division 851 (Philadelphia).

Newly elected officers are M.C. Kronyak of Division 235 (Union City, N.J.), who will serve as Alternate Vice-General Chairman; and J.P. Louis of Division 421 (Buffalo, N.Y.), who will serve as Secretary-Treasurer.

National Secretary-Treasurer William C. Walpert and National Vice-President Paul T. Sorrow were in attendance to address the delegates. The convention was held May 24-25 in Buffalo, N.Y.


Dennis R. Pierce has been reelected to another three-year term as General Chairman of the BNSF-MRL General Committee of Adjustment at meetings in Las Vegas on July 3. Pierce, a member of Division 98 (Lincoln, Neb.), was elected by acclamation.

Matt O. Wilson of Division 104 (Spokane, Wash.) was elected to the office of First Vice-Chairman; Steve Bratka of Division 98 (Lincoln, Neb.) won election to the Second Vice-Chairman position; and Don May of Division 104 (Spokane) was elected Third Vice-Chairman.

James H. Nelson of Division 644 (Galesburg, Ill.) was reelected without opposition to the office of Secretary-Treasurer of the Committee. Joe Zawada of Division 232 (Laurel, Mont.) will fill the position of Alternate Secretary-Treasurer.

Alternate vice-chairmen were also elected. They include: Don L. Helander of Division 499 (Whitefish, Mont.), First Alternate Vice-Chairman; Rick A. Olson of Division 746 (Mandan, N.D.), Second Alternate Vice-Chairman; and Charlie E. Sheets of Division 13 (LaCrosse, Wisc.), Third Alternate Vice-Chairman.

The meetings began on June 28 with 44 delegates in attendance. The delegates have considered numerous issues, including some amendments to the General Committee bylaws.

The delegates also participated in an educational workshop for Local Chairmen presented by the BLET Education & Training Department, which helped the attendees hone their skills for use in representing members in company fact-findings.

Delegates also heard a detailed financial report by GCofA Secretary-Treasurer Jim Nelson.

BLET National President Don Hahs addressed the group and took questions on July 1. He was accompanied by BLET First Vice-President Ed Rodzwicz, who also gave a report.

Teamsters International Vice-President John Murphy of Boston presented delegates with a comprehensive report on the status of BLET-Teamster initiatives. The report included a detailed PowerPoint presentation.

Delegates also heard reports from BLET Designated Counsel, BRCF, LE&CMPA and ORBA Financial Services.

Front row, from left: William C. Walpert, National Secretary-Treasurer; Paul T. Sorrow, National Vice-President; Tommy Roberts, General Chairman; Tom Vassie, Division 382 (Buffalo); Jim Louis, Secretary-Treasurer; Matt Kronyak, Alternate Vice-General Chairman; and Gene Imler, Special Representative.

Second row: Pat Norton, Division 157 (Jersey City, N.J.); Bill Lyons, Vice-General Chairman; Ron Smale, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer; Mike Fitzgerald, Division 3 (Cleveland); Mike Henry, Division 169 (Syracuse, N.Y.); and Ken Lefauve, Division 382 (Buffalo).

Third row: Greg Durocher, Division 867 (Waterbury, Conn.); Bill Munger, Division 439 (Allston, Mass.); Ron Bernash, Division 63 (Springfield, Mass.); Charlie Otten, Division 46 (Albany, N.Y.); R.M. Evans, Division 169 (Syracuse, N.Y.); and Steve Marko, Division 169 (Syracuse, N.Y.).

Fourth row: Rich Vogt, Division 387 (Camden, N.J.); Angelo J. Chick Jr., Division 227 (Potsdam, N.Y.); Rich Uffert, Division 601 (Newark, N.J.); Greg Lund, Division 421 (Buffalo); and Jim Kermans, Division 1 (Detroit).


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