2003 International Western Convention, Sparks, Nevada

At the Legislative Representatives' Workshop, from left: Mike Muscha, North Dakota State Legislative Board Chairman; Mike Weston, Legislative Representative of Division 186 (Denver, Colo.); and George Last, Colorado State Legislative Board Chairman.

From left: General Chairman Rick Gibbons, BNSF-SLSF & M&NA; and General Chairman Pat Williams, BNSF (former AT&SF).

At the welcome reception on June 2, from left: Ron Marney, Legislative Representative of Division 126 (Bakersfield, Calif.); Bobbie Makoski; and Harvey Makoski, Secretary-Treasurer of Division 76 (Winnipeg).

From left: Darrell Grywacheski, Local Chairman of BLE Division 583 (Winnipeg, Manitoba); and Tom Handkamer, Legislative Representative of Division 76 (Winnipeg).

From left: Debbie O'Donohue; Frances Srubas; Rick Gibbons; and Janice Hahs, encouraging folks to attend the 68th annual Southwestern Convention Meeting in Branson, Mo., later this year.

From left: Buzz Reeves, Local Chairman of Division 692 (Stockton, Calif.); Bill Hill, Local Chairman of Division 592 (Dalhart, Texas); Craig Carstenson, Local Chairman of Division 415 (Sacramento/Roseville, Calif.) and 1st Vice General Chairman for the UP Western Lines; and Lindy Klock, Local Chairman of Division 158 (Sacramento/Sparks) also on the arrangements committee for the IWC 2003.

Members relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery aboard the MS Dixie II as it cruises Lake Tahoe.

IWC attendees who participated in the Local Chairman workshop, seated from left: Lee Woodard, Division 221 (Provo, Utah); Timothy S. Holden, LC of Division 55 (Ogden, Utah); Scott Presley, President of Division 221; Scott Bridgman, Division 158 (Sparks, Nev.); and Wes Taylor, LC of Division 118 (Belleville, Ill.). Standing, from left: Ken Kroeger, Special Representative & Coordinator of the Education & Training Dept.; Rick Radek, BLE Vice-President & Director of Arbitration; Mal Nelson, LC of Division 362 (La Grande, Ore.);Dave Geisler, LC of Division 133 (Denver); Alvin Sykes, LC of Division 214 (Long Beach, Calif.); David Clark, LC of Division 892 (Seattle); Juan Rios, LC of Division 553 (Calwa City, Calif.); and Bill Walpert, General Secretary-Treasurer and Director of the Education & Training Department. Present but not pictured are Pat Lynch, LC of Division 446 (Gallup, N.M.); Ronnie Rhodes, LC of Division 585 (N. Little Rock, Ark.); and Allan Fegley, LC of Division 103 (Cheyenne, Wyo.).




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