2003 International Western Convention, Sparks, Nevada

Pat and Barbie Lynch (center, standing and seated) and members of BLE Division 446 will host the 2004 IWC in Albuquerque, N.M., from August 17-22. Seated, from left: Tammie Fuller, Barbie Lynch, and Brenda Butkovich. Standing, from left: Rick G. Fuller, Secretary-Treasurer of Division 446 (Gallup, N.M.); Pat Lynch, Local Chairman of Division 446; and John T. Butkovich, President of Division 446.

Members of the IWC Committee hard at work at the registration table. Seated, from Left: J.L. Valentine, Chairman IWC '03 - Sparks; Steve Barnett, Treasurer; and Steve Rabenstein, President, Division 158; Standing, from left: Lindy Klock, Local Chairman, Division 158; and Dave Horn, Division 158.

From left: John Koonce, CN/IC-CC&P General Chairman; Bill Walpert, BLE General Secretary-Treasurer; and C. Thomas Keegel, International Brotherhood of Teamsters Secretary-Treasurer and keynote speaker at the 63rd annual IWC.

Joe Carter, right, Chairman of the BLE's Nevada State Legislative Board, presents Tom Keegel, IBT Secretary-Treasurer, with a personalized BLE jacket.

Hard at work in the Secretary-Treasurer Workshop. From left: Sellar Nugent, Secretary-Treasurer of the Oregon State Legislative Board; and Harvey Makoski, Secretary-Treasurer of Division 76 (Winnipeg).

From left: Collecting donations on behalf of the Grand International Auxiliary is Brenda Hayes, GIA Canadian Vice-President & Canadian Director; and Anita Caruso, GIA International Secretary.

From left: Timothy L. Smith, Chairman of the California State Legislative Board; and Darrel N. Azarcon, First Vice Chariman of the CSLB.

From left: Lew Fraser, Local Chairman and Legislative Representative of BLE Division 215 (Grand Junction, Colo.); George Last, Chairman of the Colorado State Legislative Board; and Carole Fraser.




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