What's Inside
Volume 17 - Number 7
July 2003

Keegel: BLE members would benefit by merging with IBT

Hahs discusses Teamsters at IWC opening

30th community enacts remote control safety resolution

Long-range plans for Amtrak unveiled

Passenger rail news briefs....

BLE appeals CIRB decision on VIA Rail

Appeals court rules in favor of engineer

Photo album, 2003 IWC

Photo album, 2003 IWC

Photo album, 2003 IWC

Advisory Board May 2003 Activity

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Advisory Board approves Teamster documents

In one of the most historic moments in the 140-year history of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, the union's Advisory Board on July 10 unanimously approved documents that govern a merger with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT).

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Resolution of the BLE Advisory Board

WHEREAS, the International Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers exists to promote and protect the rights, interests and safety of our members through solidarity, aggressive representation and education; and

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BLE responds to UTU raid at CP Rail

Leadership of BLE Canada strongly condemned an attempted raid of its Canadian Pacific membership by the United Transportation Union, while an elected BLE officer has been relieved of his duties for assisting the UTU raid.

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Rail Canada Traffic Controllers strike at CP Rail

More than 200 members of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers' Rail Canada Traffic Controllers went on nationwide strike on June 18 over health care, salary, and pension issues.

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