Statement by Teamsters General President Hoffa on UTU's smear of BLE

BLE Editor's Note: On July 4, the United Transportation Union carried an article on its website falsely accusing BLE of crossing a Teamster picket line in Laredo, Texas.

Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa issued the following statement upon reviewing the UTU article:

"The allegation by the unaffiliated United Transportation Union (UTU) that Locomotive Engineers crossed a Teamster picket line in Laredo July 3 is false and insupportable.

"Contrary to the smear posted by UTU, not a single member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers crossed an informational picket established by Teamsters Local 657 to protest the use of a low-wage, nonunion subcontractor by labor scofflaw Union Pacific.

"Our beef is not with the hard-working members of the UTU, many of whom also honored the picket line. Rather, it is with those UTU officers whose bitterness toward, and history of raiding, a fellow union motivates them to try to co-opt the Teamsters into their misguided rivalry.

"Dividing workers amongst themselves is the most serious violation of trade union principles imaginable. UTU's reckless charge is a slander directed at the BLE and an insult to the Teamsters Union." ·


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