BLE welcomes Tex Mex members

Tex Mex Engineer Steven Vella, a member of BLE Division 244 (Laredo, Texas). He is one of the organizers who assisted in the Tex Mex representation election, in which the BLE won the right to represent the Tex Mex operating employees.


A prominent safety reminder for Tex Mex operating employees.


At BLE "campaign headquarters" in Laredo, Texas. From left: Arnold Salinas, Secretary-Treasurer of BLE Division 244; Tom Miller, BLE Special Representative; and Joe Zawada, Local Chairman of BLE Division 232.


Houston Locomotive Engineer Pat McGuire, seated in an engine in the Tex Mex terminal, as he is about to handle a train bound for Laredo.


Carl Stair, Tex Mex Locomotive Engineer, in a locomotive at the Houston Tex Mex terminal.


Shown here is the U.S. Customs inspection building for trains crossing the Rio Grande River at Laredo, Texas. The Union Pacific locomotives shown are completing the crossing of the international bridge from Mexico. Tex Mex and UP utilize the bridge to receive trains that originated in Mexico.


The Tex Mex Brothers visit the BLE's Cleveland headquarters following the representation election. Seated, from left: Caesar Carerra; David Snow; J.J. Vara; and Tavy Villarreal Jr. Standing, from left: Bill Walpert, General Secretary-Treasurer; Don Hahs, International President; and Ed Rodzwicz, First Vice-President & Alternate President.


Brother Tavy Villarreal Jr., a member of BLE Division 244 (Laredo, Texas), is one of the Team Captains who assisted in the Tex Mex representation election.


A northbound KCS train sits on the international railroad bridge over the Rio Grande River in Laredo, Texas. Crews on the Texas-Mexican Railway will handle the train from this point to its destination in Houston.

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