Divisions must be 'square on the books' to seat delegates at Convention

With the upcoming Seventh Quinquennial BLE International Convention, all BLE divisions are reminded of the importance of their secretary-treasurers filing their monthly dues reports in a timely fashion.

Section 22, page 25, of the BLE Constitution & Bylaws states: "Any delegate whose division is not square on the books and any division that has not paid its pro rata assessments, as provided in the Constitution and Bylaws, also its indebtedness to other divisions, shall not be allowed a seat in the I.D."

The convention begins September 24. It is essential that each division ensure that its July 2001 International Dues Remittance report is received by the International Division prior to September 24.

All BLE division presidents and secretary-treasurers were formally reminded of this constitutional requirement in a letter dated July 3 from General Secretary-Treasurer R.W. Bennett.

The International Convention, held once every five years, will take place at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, Fla., from September 24-28, 2001.


2001 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers