Southeastern Meeting Association

Pine Mountain, Ga.

Chairman of the 74th annual SMA, W.J. "Bubba" Spriggs.

From left: BLE President Dubroski; First Vice-President & Alternate President Jim McCoy; International Vice-President Richard K. Radek (partially obscured); International Vice-President & U.S. National Legislative Representative Leroy D. Jones; and General Secretary-Treasurer Russell W. Bennett.

From left: Brother Landon Hinkle, President of BLE Division 463 (Corbin, Ky.); Linda Hinkle; Sondra Mayne; and Brother Tommy Mayne, Chairman of the Kentucky State Legislative Board, during the banquet on Thursday evening.

BLE members during Tuesday's closed session.

Updating GIA members on the status of the Railroad Retirement & Survivors' Improvement Act of 2001 is GIA 2nd Vice-President & National Legislative Representative Becky B. Schneider. Seated to her right is GIA International President Ruth E. Pillman-Windham.

President Dubroski presents a 50-year membership pin to C.C. Griggers of BLE Division 779 (Manchester, Ga.). Brother Griggers joined the BLE on June 17, 1951 and retired on June 22, 1989.

General Chairman Lee Pruitt, Union Pacific-Western Lines, examines antique railroad pocket watches at one of the booths during the convention.



2001 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers