Southeastern Meeting Association

Pine Mountain, Ga.

From left: International Vice-President Paul Sorrow and BLE International President Edward Dubroski during the closed meeting on June 26.

F.D. "Danny" Buck, left, local chairman of BLE Division 301 (Roanoke, Va.), tends to his children while Mrs. Buck speaks with Brother T.C. Emory, local chairman of BLE Division 456 (Norfolk, Va.). Brother Emory is chairman of the 2002 Southeastern Meeting Association, which will be in Virginia Beach, Va. (see page 8 for details).

From left: International Vice-President Dale McPherson; International Vice-President William C. Walpert; and President Dubroski.

From left: C.H. Cunningham, a retired member and former local chairman of BLE Division 456 (Norfolk, Va.); Brent Boggs, Political Affairs Coordinator of the BLE's National Legislative Office; and Jean Boggs.

BLE members during Tuesday's closed meeting.

Conducting a workshop for delegates to September's International Convention is International Division Staff Attorney Tom Brennan.

President Dubroski gives his report during Tuesday's closed meeting.

From left: GIA officers during the GIA's closed meeting on Tuesday -- Teresa Johnson, SMA Secretary-Treasurer for the GIA; GIA Sentinel Mary Lee Kennedy; and GIA Guide Janie Wallace.




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