BLE recognizes 50-year employee Aud Balogh

A testament to dedication and loyalty in the workplace, BLE employee and Honorary Member Audré H. "Aud" Balogh celebrated 50 years of employment with the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers on June 23.

In a brief ceremony held at the BLE's International Division in Cleveland, Balogh was presented with a Brass Bell by General Secretary-Treasurer Russ Bennett as a token for his years of loyal service.

Brother Balogh hired out as a carpenter for the BLE's Building Association and received his first BLE paycheck on June 23, 1950. He followed in the footsteps of his father, Frank Balogh, who worked for 22 years as a carpenter for the BLE.

Brother Balogh was eventually promoted to Building Superintendent, but is proud of the work he performed as a craftsman on the BLE's Engineers Building and Standard Building. He is currently Coordinator of Purchases & Supplies for the BLE's Building Association.

"It is rare in today's society for employees to spend so many years with one employer," said BLE International President Edward Dubroski. "The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers is truly blessed to have such an employee in Aud Balogh. On behalf of the 59,000 men and women of North America's senior rail labor organization, I thank Brother Balogh for his loyalty and dedication."

The BLE's Advisory Board granted Balogh honorary membership in the BLE on October 16, 1989. Balogh is one of only 14 honorary members in the 137-year history of the BLE. He was nominated for honorary membership by B.G. Crawford, a member of BLE Division 597.

"Notwithstanding his love for our industry, he possesses an unparalleled knowledge of the railroad, its operation, rules, regulations, and much of its physical plant," wrote Crawford in a letter nominating Balogh for honorary BLE membership. "He is a collector of railroad memorabilia and belongs to not less than three railroading historical societies. His knowledge of the 'past' Engineers Building and the 'present' Standard Building, their construction, design, costs, materials, use and history are beyond comprehension."

Balogh was overwhelmed with the honor of becoming an honorary BLE member.

"I have three loves of my life my God, my wife and family, and this great Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers," Balogh said.


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